5 Liter SPD Set up

Made in USA mantel
Made in USA modular controllers
Made in USA 5l 2 neck boiling flask
Made in USA SPD head w insertable thermal key
Made in USA take off adapter
Made in USA witches tit cold trap
Made in USA ptf adapters
SS bellows, KF-25 clamps, temp probe, receiving flask
8500.00 plus shipping and tax ·
All major credit cards accepted

12 liter W I D E Bore SPD

12 liter made in USA Mantel
Independent USA Spin Controller
Independent USA temp controller
Temp probe
3 PTF butt plugs
Two KF-25 clamps and o-rings
1000ml receiving flask
Mono cow/ take off adapter
12 liter USA made boiling flask
100mm Hi Speed Head USA made
Insertable dildo/ temp port
USA made condenser path
USA made witches tit cold trap

$10,750.00 plus applicable tax /  S&H
All major credit cards accepted
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Custom kit configurations

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2,5,10,22,50 or 72Liter boiling flasks

Boiling flask Thermal Well, want a  special size?

 SPD head W/thermal keys and custom joints?

Mono Cow/Take off adapters with your configuration?

If you can draw it, we can make it!