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High 5  achieved a first for the global cannabis industry.


But on extraction day for this project, the facility was blessed with a soft, sweet scent. It wasn’t a strong smell, but every now and again you would get a scent and it would make you pause until you remembered: it was lychee! During the refinement process, we had the same soft scent in the…


Living the Dream: Seth Oxhandler


Shortly thereafter, we realized that we could fill a niche in the laboratory supply market for both a low-cost system and one that uses only food-grade ethanol. So, what started out as an edibles manufacturer has now spawned a laboratory supply company that focuses on getting people going from the ground up. When we originally…


Living the Dream: Seth Oxhandler


We were then told that getting it returned would require a small deposit and the sale price of $45,000. This was unacceptable and seemed to be less the positioning of someone who was a partner and more of a predator. For us, the solution was not to take the easy route and pay the fee…


Living the Dream: Seth Oxhandler


Having previously worked at Fortune 500 companies, my thought in an undefined market was to work with a publicly traded company. I thought it would not only add validity to what we did, but that we could operate within normal business practices. What a mistake. Going to the largest packing company just got us lost…


Living the Dream: Seth Oxhandler


We explained that we really needed the heat to work and that an open flame with flammable vapors was not the best idea; he suggested we stop complaining. What happened next was the unfolding of a few lessons. First, it’s important to read — REALLY READ — your lease and look for the usage clause….


A heartbreaking attempt to understand extraction


After more than four years in the cannabis industry, I can absolutely fake my way through a conversation about extraction. I know some of the key terms,  can name a few of the product types and then everything else boils down to repeating the last statement said to me with a semi-sarcastic shrug. “Yeah, hydrocarbon, t

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